Time To Take Control of Your Money

We help people raise cash from their structured settlement payments. Don’t know if you have any payments left? We got you! We will research for free.

Let us give you control of your own money now

When it comes to your finances, you have options. Whether you’re in need of cash today or planning your financial future, we can give you the tools you need to develop a sound financial strategy.

Pay off debt

Paying off debt with money from you structured settlement can make sense in some cases. If you owe money on student loans, car loans and credit card bills, you’re not alone. If you’re able to pay off your debt with your early withdrawal, you may free up your budget. We will hep you raise enough money to lower or eliminate your financial debt and possibly leave you as much cash as possible in your annuity for the future.

purchase a home

Compared to a loan, cashing in your future structured settlement payments seems like a much more straightforward way to get the money you need to buy a home. Why pay rent when you can own and possibly not even have mortgage payments.

Start a business

Tired of working for someone else? Since the beginning of the coronavirus shutdowns, more than 42.6 million jobless claims have been filed in the United States. If you're ready to work hard and smart, raising money from your structured settlement payments is always a smart choice to invest in your business or start a new one.

Structured Settlement Payment Research

Besides buying future structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash, we also offer a research service completely free. Most people after selling payments a few times might lose track of when their payments will come back, what amount or even if they have any payments remaining in the future.

We research court records and prior transactions with other companies and really dig for payments owed to you, most people might not even know they could be receiving annuity payments or life contingent payments in the future.

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How We Work For You

Step 1

Contact us and provide as much information about your prior transaction including the name of the insurance company that made the payments or companies you sold payments to in the past.

Step 2

We value our relationships with insurance companies and will work with them to search records for the original insurance policy information.

Step 3

Our focus is researching court records for past transactions and petitions filed where annuity payments were sold.

Step 4

We provide you with detailed information as to when your payments come back to you and detailed information as to how many payments are still owed to you.

Step 5

We help you put a financial plan in place to help you with your current financial needs and for you to be able to use those future long term payments today!

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