How do I know if I have outstanding payments?

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We take note and gather information about your structured settlement, dates, insurance companies involved and companies you might have sold payments to in the past.

We investigate

Through court records, searching prior transactions, contacting insurance companies and sending letters to your policy insurance issuer.

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We Deliver

We share the good news! All information gathered is kept private and only shared with you and no 3rd parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered frequently asked questions about selling annuity payments to help you make an informed decision.

Yes, you can sell your annuity payments for cash. In the event your financial needs change and an annuity is no longer meeting your needs, you can sell your current or future payments for a lump sum of cash. Annuities can be sold in portions or in an entirety. If sold all at once, you forfeit receiving all future periodic payments. However if you sell a portion of your payments, you will receive a lump sum of cash up front, and at a later time will be able to resume receiving periodic payments.

Selling your annuity payment does have tax implications. Any lump-sum payment you receive from an annuity purchaser will be treated as income, and you will owe taxes on the money in the year you receive it.

While an annuity may have been a profitable financial option for someone else, regular annuity payments may not be the best decision for you. Inheriting an annuity also requires you to inherit the tax implications. It is possible to sell an inherited annuity in exchange for a lump sum of cash.